Muscovy Ducks Deposit

  • $15.00

Pre-order muscovy ducks. Muscovys are available for pickup starting in June each year.

Muscovy ducks being reserved will be 12- 24 weeks of age at the time of order fulfillment.

This is a 50% deposit, the remaining 50% will be due at the time of pickup, or if being shipped 3 weeks prior to shipment. Full prices for muscovys are $30 each.

Colours available:

Black- includes solid black, black pied, black barred, self black

Blue- includes solid blue, blue pied, blue barred, self blue

Chocolate- includes solid chocolate, chocolate pied, chocolate barred, self chocolate

Blue Fawn



Inventory Available

  Black Blue Chocolate Blue Fawn Buff White
Drake 20 20 17 10 10 10
Hen 20 20 17 10 10 10